Harvik comprises a team of skilled management specialists and Creative outsourcing vendors with a combined experience going back more than 20 years, with professional abilities ranging from executive management, to animated film creation, 3D animation, 3D asset creation, as well as motion capture, branding, and filmed animation. The overall experience includes working for big names and Fortune 500 companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft, The History Channel, Disney, Walt Disney Company, Century Fox, PBS, Toyota, and many more. Over time, the team has acquired skills like timeliness, discipline, integrating, end-to-end development, proficiency, and valuable work ethos that allow the name of Harvik to serve all clients with full professionalism. Diversity of specialization and combined education, experience, and passion cater to the development, creative process, and delivery of all Harvik’s clients’ projects in a manner of supreme quality. Clients get to enjoy competence, rhythmic teamwork, management discipline and delivery of services when it comes to working with Harvik.