Harvik is in the business of providing outsourcing consulting for creative projects. Most companies are now seeking Outsourcing as a realistic cost effective measure but do not have ability to effectively manage the outsourcing partner. Harvik effectively sources the outsourcing company and / or artists and manages the outsourcing partner for our clients providing a better overall outsourcing experience.

Our Management team, has over 25 years of production experience together, working on projects in interactive media and specializes in evaluation of a complete roadmap of complexities of a project. We take an overall approach toward execution, evaluating digital, technical and creative—to execute internal and external corporate goals on time and within budget allocation costs as a service. If you require a complete production solution, Harvik can provide it, down to the granular level with a plan of action and execution customized to your project’s unique requirements.

Harvik also specializes in various fields, which include Video game Art Production, Transmedia Art, VFX, Video Production, 2D/3D concept and Production Art, Multi-Platform App Development and much, much more.

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